Chance Encounters of Happenstance and Negative Entropy Fondazione_Morra_Greco,_Napoli_2013


19.06 — 06.10.13, Fondazione Morra Greco, Napoli, curated by Jörg Heiser 2.jpg 1.jpg
Photo: Amedeo Benestante

[...] With his project for Hybrid Naples, Waldvogel turns to Giordano Bruno, the great philosopher born in Nola near Naples. With his cosmology, influenced by Copernicus and Nicolaus Cusanus, Bruno was defined happenstance as the ruling of God’s universe, and he was arguably the first to state, already in the 1580s, that the stars in the sky are really other suns, and that consequently a plurality of other planets was circling around them. His views have been proven correct by contemporary astronomy, but back then, this was one of numerous heresies that lead to Bruno being tried by the Inquisition, imprisoned for seven years, and burned at the stake in Rome, in 1600. Waldvogel’s homage to the great Nolan is Chance Encounters of Happenstance and Negative Entropy (2013). It is a simple-seeming, yet intricately designed machine: on the top of a pedestal-like metal frame, a candle burns, paraffin drips down into a heated funnel, and underneath, a revolving axis – programmed to turn randomly – will gradually produce a spherical globe: Bruno’s “other” planets. Over the course of the exhibition, these planets will be inserted into the aluminum circles of a large Armillary Sphere (2013), forming an imaginary solar system (reminiscent of the historic armillary spheres – metal devices meant to represent our solar system – known to Bruno and his contemporaries). Excerpt exhibition text, by Jörg Heiser

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