Globus Cassus 
«Today mankind lives on the outside of the Earth, but the new humanity will live inside the sphere that will replace the Earth. Today’s human beings are eccentric, because they are exposed to the free, immeasur able, infinite space that begins immediately above their heads, but the centre of the Earth is concealed from them. However, the men and women of the future will have the centre of their world above their heads - and be able to reach it at any time.»
Boris Groys: Under Modernism's Heaven

Eine hohle Gegenwelt als Modell für die Erarbeitung von Idealsystemen.

¬  Kunst/Architekturprojekt   ¬  Ausstellung im Schweizer Pavillon an der 9. Architekturbiennale   ¬  Buchpublikation «Globus Cassus» bei Lars Müller Publishers   ¬  Diverse Preise.  

NEW: Globus Cassus Addon for Celestia available for download